InstantSurvey Basic

How satisfied are your customers? What suggestions do your employees have for your business? How can you enhance your customer service experience?

InstantSurvey Basic can help you get the answers to these questions and many more. InstantSurvey Basic is an easy to use online survey software offering creation, distribution and analysis functionality beyond competitive survey products, while still allowing you to stay well below your budget.

With InstantSurvey Basic you can immediately start creating online surveys from scratch or by choosing from our wide supply of survey templates. The survey creation wizard makes survey creation a simple and straightforward process.

InstantSurvey Basic's survey creation wizard allows you to:
  • Copy and paste previously developed survey questions into our Quick-Import builder
  • Personalize surveys with your own look and branding
  • Incorporate images and other media
  • Choose from a wide variety of response types from radio buttons to matrix tables
  • Add sophistication and eliminate unnecessary questions with easy-to-use branch logic
  • And more…

InstantSurvey Basic gives you the power to create surveys as simple or complex as you like and to do so in mere minutes.

Upon finishing your survey creation, you move right into our quick Distribution Wizard. From there, you can distribute your survey in one of two ways:
  1. Single URL - In selecting the single survey URL, our Distribution Wizard will guide you through the few simple steps toward creating a unique survey URL link. This link can then be put in front of your desired survey respondents through whatever method you see fit so that they can complete the survey and provide you with their feedback. You can send it within an e-mail to a list. You can include it within a newsletter or marketing materials. You can simply post it on your web site or enable the link as a pop-up at web site entry or exit. The options are yours.
  2. E-mail Targeted - Through this method, you don't even have to worry about sending the survey out to your respondents; InstantSurvey will take care of that for you. The Distribution Wizard will take you through the motions of selecting the appropriate contact list, or appropriate contacts, to which you want to send the survey. If you have not yet entered any contact lists or if you wish to send this survey to new contacts, you will be directed to input the new e-mail addresses. You can then customize the survey invitation, and set up reminders before distributing the survey to your targeted list. You'll be finished in a matter of clicks and from there, you can track who has and has not responded to your survey.

Before you can even imagine, the results will be rolling in and with InstantSurvey Basic's real-time reporting capabilities, you can start analysis immediately. Your results are instantly compiled in standard graphical formats in order to simplify your reporting process. From within these reports, you can then drill down into the responses with our exclusive One-Touch-Filtering™.

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