Customer Testimonials

See how our customers have used online surveys to make their lives easier. InstantSurvey, as the easy to use online survey software from GMI, allows you to create, distribute and analyze your own online surveys in order to quickly and cost-effectively gather the insight you need for your most important decisions.

"We've used InstantSurvey to conduct surveys related to many different aspects of our organization and they've really provided the information we've needed to adjust our programs. InstantSurvey enables us to collect valuable information and develop actionable results that help us to change program formats (like the Broadcast Series), get ideas for topics, and tweak our dinner programs.

We also profile our attendees with InstantSurvey by location and interests so that we can specify the location and objectives of our programs to meet the needs of the largest portion of our audience. We rely a lot on the information we get from our surveys and InstantSurvey has proved to be a professional tool that we can rely on to get that information."

Kirsten Roth . Chair Emeritus . MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest

"The InstantSurvey Team is, without a doubt, one of the most responsive and skilled teams with whom I have worked. We recently found ourselves in need of a quick solution for gathering consumer input, and the InstantSurvey Team turned our project around in record time with exemplary service. We not only realized that InstantSurvey is a quick survey solution, but also a cutting-edge tool that provides rich, easily viewable insights.

We've discovered that whenever we need a fast solution or a more in-depth study, the InstantSurvey Team's integrity, professionalism and cheerfulness make them a pleasure to work with. We know we can count on them to deliver quick, professional survey programming and project management services when we need them."

Lea Knight – President – FBK Research

“I'm thankful for how easy my project/study was [with InstantSurvey], and it allowed my students to complete their work easily. Without [InstantSurvey], it would not have been possible for me to complete the study as I wanted.”

Abel eça . Teacher at the High School of Amares . Portugal

“After assessing more than 20 online survey products, InstantSurvey was among the top performers, with many of its features leading the market by a long way. 10 out of 10!"

JT . Premier Web Services

“InstantSurvey has been an important tool in my consulting work for years. I picked it because it has the most robust reporting features of any of the tools I looked at. Anyone can make a pretty tool that collects data. It takes real professionals who can make a tool that allows a variety of sophisticated reporting options easy enough to use that even us lay folks can manage it. My clients love it because they can get instant results with dynamic filtering. It's a true win win!”

Nancy Truitt Pierce . President . Woods Creek Consulting

“InstantSurvey provides us with an excellent feedback loop with our non-profit clients. We use the results from the ongoing surveys to ensure our services are customized and relevant to our clients.”

Tom . CEO . Triangle2 Partners

“I have used InstantSurvey for both my business and my clients' projects over the last three years.  The setup, formatting and delivery are easy and intuitive, with flexible and powerful reporting features.  We'll continue using it.”

Bowe . Consultant . inSite! Consulting Group, LLC

"I really appreciate InstantSurvey Pro's design ease, although the reason I signed up was for the data analysis. The survey instrument I used previously cost less, but it didn't have the cross tabs and banner and means tables that make InstantSurvey a better value. What I really like most is having an actual person quickly respond to my questions with clear directions." 

CJ . Managing Partner . Picha Solutions

"InstantSurvey was wonderful! It was very easy to use and it did everything I wanted it to and more. We used it to survey our board of directors on their effectiveness, and they too were happy with the survey and the results."

Meredith . Asheville Symphony

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