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How satisfied are your employees? Which promotional campaign will get the attention of your customers? What are your clients saying about you?

InstantSurvey Pro can help you get the answers to these questions and many more. InstantSurvey Pro is an easy to use online survey software tool that puts sophisticated research within your grasp and also within your budget.

InstantSurvey Pro provides all the survey functionality of competitors but all within a much more intuitive and easy to use framework.

With InstantSurvey Pro, you can create surveys with:
  • Audio, video, and images
  • Branch logic and skip patterns
  • Randomization and rotation
  • Multiple question types
  • Piping
  • And more…

InstantSurvey Pro lets you manage the survey all the way through and track it each step along the way. InstantSurvey Pro also lets you manage and track your list of contacts and distributions with our advanced distribution management features.

InstantSurvey Pro allows distribution methods that allow a user to:
  • Import an unlimited number of email addresses and validate them instantly upon import
  • Develop single URL survey links that you can distribute via e-mail, within your regular communications, on your web site or with a pop-up
  • Personalize email invitations to inform respondents of the survey topic, increase response rates, and ensure a quality respondent experience
  • Embed a single-page survey in an HTML email invite and get it answered quickly without your respondents having to open a browser
  • Preload respondent data to enhance analysis and reporting
  • Automatically unsubscribe respondents from distribution lists
  • Schedule automatic reminders to boost response rate
  • Enhance security with an optional SSL encryption and ballot-stuffing prevention
  • Manage lists of ongoing survey recipients, track survey history, select a random sample, and prevent over-surveying
  • Receive immediate notification of dissatisfied customers with triggered email alerts
  • Much more

The final stage in the life of any online survey is the point from which it must be turned from simple statistical results into elaborate analysis and sophisticated reports. InstantSurvey Pro lets you get through to that crucial stage more easily and quickly than any other online survey software available.

With our custom report builder wizard and our exclusive One-Touch-Filtering™, you can create custom reports and datasets and dive deep into your results in order to find the data that is pertinent to your questions. You can also instantly generate unique URLs to send out reports to other involved parties so that they can dive in as well. InstantSurvey Pro gives you all the analysis and reporting you need and puts it right at your finger tips. Read more.

Contact us today for a demonstration and we’ll show you how you can do more with your online survey research!

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